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Our History

Mt. Zion Community Church, originally one of the five rural churches, was established by the Methodist Conference. In 1893, the doors were opened for worship services. At that time, the church building was much like it appears today. In the center of the chapel, the chimney outlet still appers from where the old stove sat in the middle of the room. Attendees sat around this stove in the winter as it was the only source of heat. A superintendent was selected to over- see the functions. 

In 1962, the Methodist Conference made plans to move to the IXL neighborhood, and the congregation did not want to move. The congregation offered $1,000 to the Methodist Conference for the building and the land, which was accepted. The church then became independent and was incorporated as the Mt. Zion Community Church. 

Not long after the church building was purchased, the congregation made plans to add a building for classes and a fellowship hall. This endeavor was wholeheartedly undertaken by men of the congregation giving of their time and talents to construct the facility.  

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